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Fear From the Heartland
A Top 100 Rated Fiction Podcast

J.C. Fields is excited and proud to announce he is a featured author on Paul J. McSorley's

Top 100-Rated fiction podcast

Fear from the Heartland.  

You can catch these episodes every Wednesday, at 5 p.m. Central Time, 

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Paul J. McSorley is the voice of both The Sean Kruger Series and The Michael Wolfe Saga, available on He is also the host of the Top 100-rated fiction podcast, Fear From the Heartland

While J.C. Fields' short stories are not featured in every episode, he will be a major contributor.


For those of you unfamiliar with this endeavor, it is reminiscent of the old CBS Mystery Hour hosted by EG Marshall, only you can find it on the internet, not the radio. If you have not experienced this type of podcast, click on the image above to check it out.


Paul has chosen a group of talented and award-winning authors to provide short stories for this channel and is the voice talent for the broadcast. Nikki McSorley, the owner of NMc Music Creative, is the producer. All the music heard, on this podcast, is original and composed by Nikki. 

I hope you enjoy the channel! 

J.C. Fields

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