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A New Stand-Alone Adventure by Multi-Award Winning and Amazon Best Selling Author

J.C. Fields

Late one evening, on a fog shrouded suspension footbridge, Dakota Storm stares into the abyss below. The din of rushing water over rocks seventy-five feet below intensifies the pain he feels over the loss of his wife and toddler son. How simple would it be to step off the bridge and end his unrelenting grief? 

Through the clamor of his thoughts and a roaring stream, he recognizes the yelp of a wounded dog. With his original purpose for being on the bridge forgotten, he rushes toward the sound. He finds a trapped and starving border collie. Rescuing the canine becomes his focus and thus saving him from himself. 

Three years later, Storm is summoned to a state penitentiary and informed by a dying inmate how the death of his family was not an accident. He learns his wife’s past held a secret. A secret he must now discover. 

And so, begins a journey of retribution, revenge and atonement for deputy U.S. Marshal Dakota Storm and his service dog Apollo, as they seek out the men responsible for his family’s death.


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\A Storm Does This Way Come is now available as an audio-book
Performed by Paul J. McSorley

Available in eBook, Paperback and Hardcover

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From the author of the highly acclaimed Sean Kruger Series, comes a new adventure featuring ex-Marine sniper and retired CIA operator, Michael Wolfe.

An AMAZON #1 Best Selling Audiobook

Somebody wants Wolfe, and his ex-Mossad girlfriend, Nadia Picard, dead. When an attempt to assassinate them in Barcelona, Spain goes awry, they manage to find their way back to Wolfe’s rustic property in remote southern Missouri unscathed. Not one to hide from a threat, Wolfe aggressively starts using his training and skills to find out who tried to eliminate them in Barcelona, but more importantly—why.

Available on and 

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