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The Manchurian's Trail

From the Multi-Award Winning and Amazon Best Selling Author, J.C. Fields, comes

Book 9 in The Sean Kruger Story


Abandoned by her parents at an early age, Mia Diminski embarks on a journey to learn the truth about her past. Raised by her grandparents, Mia is unaware her father is a brilliant engineer living in China. When her husband, JR, discovers the man is directing a dangerous conspiracy by the Chinese, he enlists the help of his friend, retired FBI agent, Sean Kruger. As they race against time to stop the infiltration of the US government, they face disbelief and push-back from those in power. Will they uncover the truth before it's too late, or will the Manchurian destroy everything they hold dear?

Fans of thrilling political conspiracies and heart-pounding suspense will love this book.

eBook - $4.99

Paperback - $14.99

Grab your copy today!

Just Released!

Book 9 in The Sean Kruger Series. Available as an eBook, paperback and audio-book.

Paul J. McSorley returns as the voice of Sean Kruger.

The latest Sean Kruger story is now shipping.

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From the author of the highly acclaimed Sean Kruger Series, comes a new adventure featuring ex-Marine sniper and retired CIA operator, Michael Wolfe.

An AMAZON #1 Best Selling Audiobook

Somebody wants Wolfe, and his ex-Mossad girlfriend, Nadia Picard, dead. When an attempt to assassinate them in Barcelona, Spain goes awry, they manage to find their way back to Wolfe’s rustic property in remote southern Missouri unscathed. Not one to hide from a threat, Wolfe aggressively starts using his training and skills to find out who tried to eliminate them in Barcelona, but more importantly—why.

Available on and 

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